Wednesday, 29 February 2012

F29 is a test for cyberactivism

Twityer is a buzz with talk of Occupy protest for 29th.  Track on Twitter with hashtag #t29. It will be interesting to see what happens and if web based discourse can translate quickly in to real world activism.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Mapping tweets and checkins from Mobile World Conference

Real time tweets coming from Mobile World Conference 2014
Map for 2 hours of tweets and trending checkins for Barcelona in 2012
Not surprising we are seeing a mass of mobile tweets and foursquare checkins at the Barcelona Mobile World Conference 2012.  The image above shows how the conference is getting a mass cloud of tweets and checkins,  The map below shows the location of tweets and trending venues in foursquare over a 2 hour period on Monday afternoon.

Tweets mapped at tragic Chardon , Ohio shooting

Two hours of geo-tagged tweets from Chardon Ohio, where a terrible school shooting has taken place. This map made with the tool shows students and staff tweeting from the street in front of the school. 
The map above shows the location of tweets at Cardon's High School during a recent shooting.  The map below shows how little tweeting is in the rest of the city, and how tweets are concentrated bear the school.

Hopefully the shooters has been captured or disarmed in some way, since the students are broadcasting their locations on twitter, 

Monday, 13 February 2012

MySpace making a comeback?

MySpace comeback would be a strange story in the development of cloud living, but Apple came back from the edge.  This industry is dynamic and fast, unless you are Yahoo.

Google Maps and Not Google Social

Okay this is trying to make web 3.0 seem cute but this video frankly does not explain what it is about Web 3.0 that makes it of value. Google's techie culture has consistently failed to understand social, and the youTube video above demonstrates that this is still the case. They can execute core technology which will enable the geo-social web, but they don't get it.

This video probably captures Google's comfort zone.  Geeky music, geeky concept, geeky games.  It is clear that Google sees the world as clever technical problems to be analyzed and solved in clever ways.  This was an improvement on Microsoft's obsession with market share and is why Google has conquered areas like search and online advertising.  But it lacks the social understanding.

Google is like the engineer that built the bridge that you and your wife had your first kiss on.  The bridge helps support thousands of people every day doing things they want to do, but they don't make that much money from the doing of things.

Tracking real time tweeting intensity in Bahrain

So far we are only seeing moderate tweeting coming from Bahrain where demonstrations and police repression is said to be taking place.  This tool will track twitter intensity in real time.  Click around the map to check the twitter 'temperature' at any location.
We have been seeing some surges in tweeting around Burhama, which is just outside of town near Lulu, where we assume a large demonstration is taking place.

The day after tweets

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Sunday, 12 February 2012

Zambia tweets win

Zambia tweets mapped with the tweet
Twitters global reach has been demonstrated with this map of tweets from Zambia, and locals tweet celebrations at their football triumph in the Africa's Cup.

Tweets from the Battle for Athens

This map shows the locations of tweets from mobile devices during riots in Athens on 12/02/12 mapped with the tool
Athens Greece is not a large area for tweeting.  These are some of the highest levels of tweets we have ever seen for Athens mapped over an evening of violent riots and mass protests.
MMGEISSLER instagram image from Athens after the protets

Notice a cluster of tweets to the north of parliament, this is where the Attikon theater is(was?) located and the tweets cluster is a classic gawkers cluster.  A group of people are standing around photographing the fire and posting images with instagram to twitter.
Closer view shows tweets coming from both Parliament and streets, and a division between riots in the squares and side streets

The above map shows a distribution of tweets and foursqaure checkins.  As one would anticipate there is almost not checkins, people are tweeting news events.  But it is interesting that someone checkined during a riot. 
This shows the tweeting for the next day.  There is still continued heavy tweeting down the side streets, we assume these are people photographing sites of damage more than anything else. 

Friday, 10 February 2012

Anonymous Hacks CIA?

At about 11 pm GMT here in London the CIA.GOV website is still down.  
UPDATE: Its 10am London time, 12 hours since we last noticed the cia site down and it is still down in the UK.

Anonymous, who whoever, seems to have launched a denial, or worse of service attack on the CIA's public web site, and been rather successful at it.

This recent video in the Anonymous genre would indicate that perhaps Israel will be a coming target over the Iran issue.

 About the same time another Anonymous video was released, one of very different style.  

 Anonymous promotes diversity of networks. The drive is to get as many people as possible to post as Anonymous.

Greek Parliament Tweets

Holding down the fort, through today's heavy protests in Athens we have seen a constant flow of tweets coming not as much from the street where violent protests have started, but from inside Parliament.  Map made with the tool.
Normally we study the use of twitter by protest movements to get around official censorship and to organise crowds in an agile way, but there is also the other side of twitter: a tool of political power.  As the streets in front of the Greek Parliament explode in more traditional demonstrations inside of the Parliament itself we have seen a constant flow of tweeting.  Probably either political leaders trying to contact their base of journalists.  But in a world where celebrity has so much power we are seeing more and more state sponsored tweeting.

Future Hipsters

So is the whole point that we all know that much of the Internet is just hype? Are we finally growing up enough to see that culture is value from nothing, that we simply make value? What is the value of a song? What is the value of a joke or a smile?

Yet what would human life be without these? Doing things that make commodities for sale is an obsession of ours, but is it really that important? Is not social media just hype which most of us co

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

BBC on Groupon

Where it is hot in Istanbul

A map of real time twitter and foursquare activity showing where social is most hot in Istanbul
Last year we started a study of Istanbul's tourist scene as a case to establish a web based tourism tool.  We found last year using tool that the North Europe side is the place to go for fun.  Though all the major tourists sites are in old city in Sultanahmet at night this area is kind of dull.  The places to go are almost all tourist joints with high prices and so so food.  We found a lot of people complained about being bored in Istanbul at night.

We discovered, like countless tourists before us the Northern area via trial and error.  Going there first to check it out as a historical curiosity we soon found that the area just north of Sultanament is lively place full of clubs, restaurants, art and fun.  This is one of the most lively and enjoyable areas in Europe.

We conducted a series of tests on twitter density to see if we could see a distinct difference between twitter usage in the two areas, which we did.

Now with the full tool we have create a real time tool which shows Foursquare checkins and recent tweets to give you a picture of where web3.0 users are most engaged. 

Sunday, 5 February 2012

Mapping Super Bowl Tweets and Check-In

Maps created by our technology show the concentration of tweets and foursquare checkins around the site of the Super Bowl today.

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Saturday, 4 February 2012

Mapping tweets at Occupy DC eviction

We can see a tweet cloud clearly over the Occupy DC where an eviction is being carried out.

Friday, 3 February 2012

Tweets from 'Battle of Tahrir'

Distribution of tweets in downtown Cairo shows a mixture of protests in Tharir and running battles. Created with the mapping tool

Mobile tweets from the morning of the third shows the 'event' is ongoing.  Created with the mapping tool
We are following mobile tweeting in Tahrir Square over the last 24 hours.  There are clearly large protests over deaths in a recent football game in Egypt.  But the crowd of active tweeps has moved out in to the narrow streets and high buildings behind Tahrir where protests with the police have become more confrontational.

Twitter is a powerful tool for recording and publishing news from events by citizen journalists and bloggers, it is also a power organization tool.  Such heavy tweeting must be coming from a combination of protesters and onlookers.  The combination of radical protesters and sympathetic onlookers is a powerful dynamic that mobile phones and twitter help to enable.

6.57pm: More and more tear gas fired, people running back.  
Retweeted 45 times
 Rawya Rageh 
Chant in  agnst ruling military council: 'You want to rule the country when you can't even secure a stadium!' 
 الداعية/ مينا نجيب 
This lady is leading the chanting against the  
 Nelly Ali 
one of my favourites.. RT “: A whole family in  sq. Carrying signs with the demands 
 الداعية/ مينا نجيب 
A whole family in  sq. Carrying signs with the demands
 Rawya Rageh 
5 ambulances driving thru  en route to Interior Ministry, as reports circulate of 1st gunshot fatality there 
 Hossam Eid® ™ 
RT ‎‏: وفاة علي حسن علي مخلوف (٣٢سنة)، فنان تشكيلي من عين شمس وأب لطفلين بطلقة خرطوش بالصدر والبطن ‎‏ ‎
 Marie-France Lakah 
I'm infront of macdonalds marghany in a black 1 series. Collecting supplies for .
 \m/ Mody 
RT  CBC live feed shows Masour street flooded in tear gas