Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Blackhawk down: Anonymous UK hacks Conservative Web Site

Photo by Gail Orenstein, there is no reason to assume this person is a computer hacker or a member of Anonymous, but the outfit looks just perfect

Update, when I checked the site on 16th of October it was back up again with the Anonymous information down.  As the site uses cookies and has no obvious reason to use cookies I would avoid it full out, but I am not the kind of person who leaves money to the Tory party in my will.

UPDATE: Its now officially blackhawk down as the Conservative Foundation fund raising site(mostly getting people to give money to the Tory party in their wills) has been brought down or taken down as a result of Anonymous UK activity. 

Anonymous UK ads a pop-up window to the Conservative Foundations web site.

A group claiming to be Anonymous has hacked the Conservative Foundation web site in the UK.  

UPDATE: The site is being changed pretty rapidly, any information in this blog post seems to be outdate before I have a chance to even publish it.

Also the site uses cookies so this violation could be serious.  Please be smart and reject cookies coming from this site!

  UK hacks Tory Party Foundation website:  to promote upcoming . Please share!

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