Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Ravi Shankar: the sound of global culture

So why is a blog about mobile internet and social media posting about the death of Ravi Shankar?  Because it is important to remember that the emerging new network culture is located in a much larger set of social events.  One of the key events of this is globalization.  Globialization differs from Empire in that there is more of a merging of cultures, where other voices are given more of a say.

Ravi Shankar more than anyone else helped to create the music of this global culture.  He didn't just give to the larger audience the traditional music of Indian civilisation, but he also worked with some of the greatest artists in other cultures to create a global sound.  

It is impart the music he created with the likes of Phillip Glass and George Harrison that gave to us the sound of the global culture.  This sound is a key element to the whole person embracing the concept of a single collaborative human being.  It is the ethos reflected in much of the emerging P2P globalism on sites like Twitter or Foursquare.  

Before Ravi we had the music of Europe, the music of South Asia, the music of Africa and so on.  Only America Jazz and Rock were much of a fusion.  After Ravi we had a music of the human race. 

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