Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Tweeting in #Tahrir Surges again

Real time tweeting levels in 250 meter around Tahrir Square Cairo.

This chart shows tweeting from Dec 5 to Dec 7, showing a trend of rising tweeting.

Update December 7 9 PM Cairo time. Friday is the new Friday.  The trend of tweeting in central Cairo from Wednesday through Friday is showing a rising trend.  Tweeting follows a daily rise in the evening as protesters get off work or school.  Recently the main protesting day has been Tuesday, but Morsi's speech has energised protesters this Friday, or at least energised them to post tweets.

Update December 6 4 PM local time We have been anticipating a rise in activity in Tahrir Square this evening, based on reports from our informants.

A long analysis of twitter activity, shown in this complex graph, shows a tendency for tweeting activity, and reports of demonstrations as well, in Central Cairo to peek on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and to go down from Thursdays to Mondays.

Tuesday has become the most significant day, but the graph above shows 200 hours before 1 PM December 6, and you see a rise early int he week, a drop late in the week and over the weekend and a rise early in the week before. The meme Tuesday is the new Friday is very active on Twitter.

Mahmoud Salem writing in the Daily News Egypt believes the move from Friday protests in 2011 to Tuesday in 2012 shows a rising secularism in the revolution.
It makes sense when you think about it: When we were all on one side, Friday made sense since we were mobilising after Friday prayers, a tactic that you pioneered. The switch to Tuesday showcases the symbolic change in demographics in the revolution, after the independents finally joined our side, who go down to the streets after work instead of getting bussed in after Friday prayers. 
Update: December 4 2012:

Tweeting trends in 1 KM of Central Cairo, November 28 to December 4, showing a gradual decline over the week

I have been tracking tweeting levels from the center of Cairo during recent antigovernment protests.  Over the past week there was a trend for tweeting levels to drop, perhaps showing a dropping in enthusiasm and support after the massive demonstration of November 27 2012.  The decline seems to have stopped on Tuesday December 4 were a protest, though consuming much more of Cairo, produced a new surge in tweeting.

Looking at the 24 to 30 hour before 9:15 PM December 4 2012 we see a pronounced increase in tweeting levels

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