Sunday, 5 July 2015

#Wireless shows the event is media

These readings were taken from the Wireless festival in London, Sunday July the 5th. Its interesting to see that not only are a many people tweeting, but they are almost all tweeting on message, post

The point here is that today the media message is no longer before the event, in ads, or media coverage of an event, which you might control, an events today is a major media publishing source.  The event speaks to the media in real time via twitter, Facebook, snapchat, Instagram and what ever new thing comes along.  In a case like Wireless this is an impressive show of a united message from a location, but there is also a danger of events losing control of their message via media users.

Again the big picture is well established, social media means you have to communicate your message to your consumer clearer, that you need to keep them happy, and you need to track what is being said about you in real time, and change your message or services as quickly as you can.

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